Our Pillars of Health are used to support each individual patient with a holistic and natural enhancement to maintaining a healthy lifestyle now and forever.


A key component to healing is rest. More and more research has been done over the years to support this concept. At Oak Brook Care, we do everything we can to eliminate noise and provide a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. We encourage our physicians to schedule your medications be taken between the hours of 6:00am and 9:00pm so that you can have uninterrupted sleep. Do not disturb signs are provided for you to place on your door when you need some peace and quiet, or just want to take a nap.


Stress is a major cause of illness and can lead to anxiety and restless sleep. We encourage deep breathing, listening to music, and practicing relaxation techniques taught by our restorative staff. Learning to relax will also help to reduce pain and enhance the effectiveness of pain medication.


No one enjoys pain. Pain increases anxiety, prevents rest, and makes therapy almost impossible. We believe everyone should have their pain managed without question. We have outstanding doctors, specifically trained in pain management, to assure you are comfortable.


Our Specially trained dieticians work with our Dietary Manager to assure your meals are fresh, well prepared, and aesthetically pleasing. We want you to eat as often and as much as you like. Our menus are in your room, and you can call for a meal or snack whenever you desire.


Water REALLY is a health and beauty secret. Depending on your weight and age, about 60% of your body is made up of water. In order for your body to function seamlessly (muscles, blood circulation and tissue), you should consume about 1.5-2 liters of water daily.


This does not always mean aerobic. Sometimes exercise can be just for fun. In a healthcare facility, it is a part of the healing regimen and requires you to work with trained and skilled staff.


There is evidence that patients in well sunlit rooms recover faster than their counterparts in rooms with little or no natural light. Our unit was designed with lots of large windows and outdoor space to enhance your ability to have sunlight as a part of your healing experience.