Range of Physical Therapies

Physical therapy can and should be as every bit as unique as you are. Wauconda Care provides a full range of comprehensive services, individually customized to meet your specific needs, with a strong emphasis on communication. Whatever brings you to us – a joint replacement, sports injury, work or home-related injury, post-surgery recuperation, recovery from an illness – we’re here to support you in restoring function.

Integrated Team of Physical Therapists 

Our skilled and encouraging professionals love their jobs and it shows. Led by a physiatrist – a physician who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation – they will jumpstart your physical therapy and support your healing. The entire team is passionate about transforming your goals into accomplishments and best of all, they make therapy fun instead of grueling.

Skilled Transitional Rehabilitation Therapy Seven Days A Week

Many rehab facilities only offer rehabilitation therapy five or six days a week. Not Wauconda Care. With 10+ full-time therapists on staff, we have therapists onsite seven days a week. Our focused approach improves living skills and reduces pain that much faster.

Powerful Sense of Social Engagement

Our past patients tell us that Wauconda Care is far from a typical institutional hospital or facility; in fact, it’s downright friendly. Within our community, it’s easy for patients to make new friends, encounter life-long friends and meet in small groups in our cheerful Town Square gathering space.

Patient-Centered Commitment to Caring and Quality 

At Wauconda Care, we treat the whole person with “extras” like aromatherapy, nightly leisure cart filled with treats, even a Happy Hour Social. At the same time, we are totally devoted to providing each patient with the best possible patient experience through hard work and dedication We are honored to be a multiple-time recipient of Joint Commission Certification and we hold a Five Star Validation from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. 

Track Record of Positive Outcomes

A key reason to choose a rehabilitation facility is to reduce your risk of further injury or infection, which could lead to a re-hospitalization.

Ninety-nine percent of our patients return to their homes directly from Wauconda Care and reclaim their lives. However, if your healing encounters an unavoidable set back, we will coordinate with your original hospital and original doctor to get you re-admitted. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’re cared for by someone familiar with your situation.