Virginia F.

❝The care was excellent.  The care givers were friendly, caring and willing to go above and beyond.

The food was a surprise and too good.

(Wauconda Care) is a most caring and cooperative experience.❞

Randy R.

❝I enjoyed the staff; they were very kind. Therapy seemed very knowledgeable. Food was good, happy hour was excellent. My private room felt like a real room!❞

Phillip E

❝...Every department has personnel that are highly knowledgeable in their positions. The kitchen staff was excellent. I'm not sure how I didn't gain 25 lbs while staying here. The physical therapy and occupational therapy has got me to the point where I will be ready to outside activities. Thanks to all at Wauconda Care!❞

Joseph G

❝I'd like to thank Wauconda Care for taking care of me so well. The people who run the place are fantastic and great. The therapy department is very good. The food and is great and you can have almost anything you want. Recreation that is run by Eric and his group are very good at what they do.❞

Joel K

❝I love it here, this is my third time here. Best help, best of everything.The service is great.❞

Jeanne S.

❝I enjoyed my stay. Staff was always helpful. All I can say is very good care!❞

Reg V.

❝After my hip surgery I went to Wauconda Care for my physical and occupational therapy. It definitely a good decision. I was in a lot of pain after my surgery, but the therapists were very knowledgeable and encouraging in my recovery. The staff at Wauconda Care knows there stuff and did not rush me to go home just to get another person out the door.❞

William B.

❝With the help of the very competent, organized, and professional therapists, and the entire staff at Wauconda Care, I regained sufficient strength and coordination to live as I had before my unfortunate health problems.❞

Ron K.

❝Wauconda Care is a great facility and every day that passes reminds us it’s the people that make it great. With such excellent care, we expect that Mom will turn one hundred years old next year.❞

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