Hearing Aids for Seniors

As we age our senses gradually diminish; hearing loss is an ailment that affects many seniors. The loss of hearing can be attributed to many other problems, such as an increase in falls and loss of balance.

There can be many reasons that a senior is experiencing an increase in falls or is losing balance. Medications, illness, dementia can all lead to balance related issues. However, the inner ear should never be ignored and may be a very curable place to start.
The inner ear houses the system that controls the balance center. When the balance center is disturbed then problems result. Such disturbances can include fluid in the ear, ear infections and Vertigo. Additionally, falls can result because the senior did not hear an approaching pet, small child, or other moving obstacle.

Very often the remedy for falls and balance issues can be very simple; a hearing aid, medications and balance training can improve confidence and reduce falls and injuries.

Training from a physical therapist either at home or in a rehab facility or nursing home can help a senior to recognize safety hazards related to balance. Furthermore, many nursing homes have a speech therapist and/or audiologist on site who can diagnosis and treat hearing issues. Receiving care for hearing loss issues and inner ear disturbances can go a long way in reducing falls and balance issues faced by seniors!

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