Hearing Aids for Seniors

You Should Hear This!

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As we age our senses gradually diminish; hearing loss is an ailment that affects many seniors. The loss of hearing can be attributed to many other problems, such as an increase in falls and loss of balance. There can be many reasons that a senior is experiencing an increase in falls or is losing balance. Medications, illness, dementia can all lead to balance related issues. However, the inner ear should never be ignored and may be a very curable place to start. The inner ear houses the system that controls the balance center. When the balance center is disturbed then problems result. Such disturbances can include fluid in the ear, ear infections and Vertigo. Additionally, falls can result because the senior did not hear anRead More +

Nursing Home Mental Health

Positive Thinking in Recovery: Tips for Helping Loved Ones Stay Positive During Rehabilitation

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Studies on patients recovering from heart attacks, strokes, and other physical ailments show that positive thinking in recovery is essential to positive outcomes. However, nursing home mental health is often overlooked by medical professionals and the family members of patients as they go through recovery. Family members play a crucial role in helping patients stay positive during rehabilitation, and the following tips can be used by family members to help loved ones keep a positive mindset throughout the recovery process. Tip #1 – Help Identify Negative Thinking To take advantage of all the benefits of positive thinking in recovery, patients need to first identify negative thinking. Examples of negative thinking include: Filtering – Focusing on only the negative aspects of the situation. Catastrophizing – Expecting negativeRead More +

Heart Attack Recovery Center in Wauconda, IL

Tips For Healthy Living After A Heart Attack

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Any cardiac or pulmonary event can be an incredibly frightening experience—something you likely have not planned for, and suddenly you’re in the hospital hooked up to a myriad of machines, in the care of experienced nurses and doctors, your head is swimming with the amount of information they’re giving you and your loved ones regarding lifestyle changes, recovery process and duration.  Add these new concerns to the stresses of daily life and it is understandable the recovery from a heart attack can be just as much mental as it is physical.  With this in mind, we assembled a collection of tips to help you through common pitfalls of recovery and lifestyle adjustments after you’ve completed the prescribed cardiac rehabilitation. It Will Take Time – BeRead More +

Yoga exercise after Physical Therapy in Wauconda, IL

3 Fitness Tips For Limited Mobility

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After injury or surgery it’s normal to have some challenges getting back full range of motion and strength, which is why physical therapy is such a critical part of the recovery and healing process. Once you’re cleared by your doctor and therapist, there may still be some work to do in order to regain as much strength and range of motion as possible, so we’ve put together a few tips for you to begin an independent—or guided—workout regimen at home or local gym. Find Support — Work Out With Friends Think of this as an extension of the benefits of your time with a physical therapist. You certainly can go it alone and watch exercise videos online, however there’s power in accountability and encouragement thatRead More +

Stay Healthy On Vacation

Take A Vacation, From Germs!

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With the onset of summer, many of us will be taking a break from the daily hassles of everyday life and leaving our cares for vacation! Whether the destination is near or far don’t bring home any unwanted souvenirs; most specifically, germs! If your plans include air travel, be aware that planes can carry a lot more than just passengers.  Planes can be a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and germs.  Armrests, seat pockets, and window shades are surfaces that many people, before you have touched. Additionally, air and water quality on the plane may not always meet the highest standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Amusement parks, national parks, museums and other tourist “hot spots” can also be a sourceRead More +

Post Operative Care and Therapy in Barrington, IL

5 Tips For A Healthy Recovery

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After surgery, patients receive a lengthy list of instructions along with a series of scheduled follow-up visits with the surgeon and probably some form of therapy.  While it can be overwhelming initially, this packet of information will prove valuable for safe and speedy recovery.  We’ve taken some of the more common elements you’ll find on a recovery packet and distilled it down to 5 key tips, or areas, to be aware of during recovery. Follow the Doctor’s Advice: Put That Down Patients are often eager to return to normal life after a hospital visit, however jumping back into a normal routine right away can quickly cause pain, inflammation, open up incisions, or even more damage.  Lifting heavy objects (or children) is a common way to re-injureRead More +