A heartfelt thank you to our family members and staff …

We want to reassure everyone who is part of the Wauconda Care community of our unwavering commitment to protecting the health and well-being of our residents, patients, staff and families. This remains our highest priority.

Thank you to all of our family members for your support and acts of kindness. You have been remarkable in sharing your appreciation … from delivering staff meals and special treats to our front door, to writing encouraging notes and showing other extraordinary acts of gratitude. We are still touched by the roses that someone left on the cars of all of our staff members. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have lifted us up during a difficult time, and we are grateful.

We are also thankful to our amazing staff members who have bravely come to work every day. Your heroism and dedication have been remarkable. Your ongoing commitment to caring for our residents and patients is deeply valued and appreciated.

We remain committed to maintaining transparency and open lines of communication. Daily and detailed updates regarding COVID-19 cases at Wauconda Care can be found on our website: www.waucondacare.com. We publish more detailed information than the state requires so that you can get a better picture of our current situation.

Our internal COVID-19 task force continues to work around-the-clock, and alongside public health and government agencies, to manage a rapidly evolving situation.

As always, our communication remains open, honest and supportive. In addition to viewing regular updates that can be found on our website and Facebook pages, we encourage you to call Cheryl Hahn, the Administrator, or any other staff members at Wauconda Care if you have any questions.

United we are strong. A heartfelt thank you for being united with us.


Laura Zung
Lancaster Health Group