Rehab Center vs. Nursing Home

As you may have guessed, a significant difference between a rehabilitation facility and nursing home is the former is a facility designed to send the vast majority of patients back home after a period of time of live-in therapies.  Well, that’s the simple answer.  Read on for a more in-depth analysis of the difference beyond length of stay.

We’re On Your Schedule

We’ve all heard horror stories of nursing homes waking patients at all hours of the night to administer medication, bathe, or feed them.  While this certainly isn’t ideal, and most good nursing facilities prefer not work this way, the reality is they have limited staff availability over the long haul, so alternative scheduling methods must be employed to ensure all patients receive what they need.  This is vastly different than a live-in temporary rehabilitation facility such as ours.  We focus on healing and patient comfort, which means a good night’s sleep.  We’ll follow the doctor’s guidelines on medication, but as a temporary stay facility, we have patients come and go, so our schedule is fluid, which affords our skilled nursing staff to care for patients in a manner more conducive to healing.

The Menu…It’s Like A Restaurant

Nursing homes typically have a limited menu where food is prepared in large batches and is generally pretty bland and easy to chew—suited to their residents.  We provide meals differently: while we do have scheduled hours for full menu, we do have a room service menu that’s available 24/7.  Our goal is to offer all services at the highest level of quality; from accommodations to treatment therapies to tasty meals for our patients.

We Like Goodbyes

Generally speaking, a goodbye means we’ve done our part to help the healing and recovery process, and prepared our patients and their caretakers to be successful at home.  From conducting therapy and readiness assessments to home inspections and caretaker preparation, we love seeing patients leave with regained mobility and confidence.

If you or a loved one is in need of therapy treatments or preparing for a significant surgery such as a joint replacement or major cardiovascular operation, please contact us today to schedule your tour of our facility.

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