Occupational Therapy Center in Wauconda, IL

Usually when patients or loved ones hear require occupational therapy will be required, they don’t fully grasp the definition or goals of such therapy. And often they are still reeling from the traumatic event that created this need—be it accident, illness, or complicated surgery. Many jump straight to a Web search to gain a basic understanding of occupational therapy, however few go so far as to learn how the type of facility and therapist can impact their recovery.

Healthy patient recovery is of paramount importance at Wauconda Care, so we’ve outlined a few questions to ask any therapists or facilities you’re considering for your in-patient (or outpatient) occupational therapy.

Do you have specialists in my need?

Seems reasonable, right? Often in that whirlwind of drama and decisions we will look to simplify as many decisions as possible as a survival instinct, but one’s recovery is a long-term decision, and should be considered carefully.

Will I be assigned a specific therapist or is it a team of therapists?

Similar to why we choose a primary care physician, seeing the same therapist(s) regularly helps the occupational therapist track progress and the patient have a consistent experience to produce results.

Is my therapist available for calls in between sessions?

Depending on the staff-to-patient ratio of the practice, an OT’s schedule may be too compressed to fit in call backs in a reasonable amount of time.  Often a periodic check-in for questions can put a patient’s mind at ease and help prepare them for the next session.

When is therapy available?

Many therapist offices have regular office hours—especially true of out-patient treatment.  Do you have difficulty getting to or from the therapist during daytime hours?  If so, you may want to consider in-patient occupational therapy which can both accelerate your recovery time and reduce the burden of regular care from loved ones.  They can come visit and focus on connecting and encouragement rather than task-based care.

Of courses, there are many other questions one can—and should—ask occupational therapy centers they are interviewing, we hope this list is helpful for you to start with, and will help you determine whether or not a facility is right for you or your loved one.

We’re very proud of our staff and facility, and offer free tours to prospective patients and their families.  If you would like to schedule a tour where you can meet our staff and ask about our process and care, fill out this short request a tour form and we will call you to schedule a private tour at your convenience.

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