Post Operative Care and Therapy in Barrington, IL

After surgery, patients receive a lengthy list of instructions along with a series of scheduled follow-up visits with the surgeon and probably some form of therapy.  While it can be overwhelming initially, this packet of information will prove valuable for safe and speedy recovery.  We’ve taken some of the more common elements you’ll find on a recovery packet and distilled it down to 5 key tips, or areas, to be aware of during recovery.

Follow the Doctor’s Advice: Put That Down

Patients are often eager to return to normal life after a hospital visit, however jumping back into a normal routine right away can quickly cause pain, inflammation, open up incisions, or even more damage.  Lifting heavy objects (or children) is a common way to re-injure oneself, and often a patient will find that during recovery, they may not have the strength or stamina they had prior to, causing them to over-compensate and frequently exert themselves.  Follow the doctor’s instructions on mobility and you’ll be better positioned for a faster recovery.

Prioritize Appointments

Follow up visits help your physician determine your rate of recovery and identify any issues during the healing process.  This is also a great opportunity to inquire about any symptoms you’re experiencing during recovery.  Some symptoms may be part of the natural healing process, while others may need special attention during physical therapy or other stimulants through other therapies.

Maintain A Healthy Diet

It should go without saying, what you put in your body matters.  This is especially true during the healing process.  Focus on nutrient-rich foods and minimize intake of inflammatory and processed foods. Depending on medication your taking post-operation, there may be some side effects with certain foods or beverages, which will likely be highlighted in your post-op information packet.

Extra Nutrients Are A Big Help

During the healing process, there can be a higher likelihood of infection with open wounds and a weakened immune system.  Bolster the bug-fighting properties of your body by taking doctor-approved levels of certain supplements.  Several studies have shown that a small dose of Vitamin C each day can dramatically reduce healing time from surgeries.  Not all supplements are helpful during healing, so be sure to ask your doctor about what supplements and dosages she recommends for your recovery process.

Get Some Vitamin D

While there are certain physiological healing benefits to Vitamin D, such as healing connective tissue, studies show that doses as little as 20 minutes per day of sunshine after surgery helps patients manage pain better, requiring fewer pain medications while certain hormones released as a result of the sunshine increases a patient’s mood.

If you’re in Chicago’s Northwest Suburbs and preparing for surgery which will likely require post-operative live-in therapy, please contact us to schedule a private tour of our facility, and learn how our highly-trained staff can make your stay comfortable and successful.

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