Physical Therapy Center near Barrington, IL

Finding the right physical rehabilitation center for yourself or a loved one can be challenging.  You may fall into one of two camps: you are determined to recover quickly so you may return to your regular routine quickly, or you are discouraged by the limitations and pain caused by the physical injury or surgery, so any meaningful recovery feels out of grasp, so encouragement throughout the process will be key.  Regardless of your level of motivation, selecting the right physical therapy center will determine not only the speed of recovery, but also the comfort and satisfaction level you experience as a patient.

We’ve assembled a few tips we hope you find helpful during the selection process.

Live-in 24-hour care can promote quicker recovery

For many, out-patient therapy may be adequate, however, depending on the severity of injury and residence design (i.e., stairs), heading home may not be feasible. For cases of lower extremity therapy such as knee or hip replacement, live-in rehabilitation may be necessary.  Furthermore, in cases of severe pain where prescription medication is required, skilled nursing is a welcome ancillary service.

Comfort of visiting family and friends

In a hospital environment, rooms are designed around patient care, and visitation is secondary.  Post-acute care such as a live-in rehabilitation center should have a different mindset, where visitation is encouraged and supported through comfortable visiting areas and spacious private rooms, lifting the spirits of patients and promoting healing.

Do they have a range of on-site specialists

Look for facilities who employ qualified medical recovery staff including nurses and therapists certified in a range of care modalities.  Regular sessions with the same therapist encourages progress and is easier to measure, not to mention more comfortable for patients.

Understand the frequency of therapy

The ratio of staff-to-patient may determine the frequency of therapy offered.  Look for a center which provides a lower therapist-to-patient ratio, as this may indicate the frequency and duration of therapy sessions available, and individualized care, helping you

Personalized therapy plans

This builds upon the previous tip: a diverse and well-staffed facility is able to provide a more personalized, comprehensive therapy plan, taking into account patient medical history, age, overall health condition and current physical recovery need.  One patient’s recovery may include facets from a few different healing modalities.

We hope you find these tips helpful in selecting a physical therapy facility, and we always recommend you schedule a visit with any facility you’re considering for your own care or that of a loved one.  We offer free tours of our Wauconda, IL rehabilitation center facility by appointment, which you can schedule online or by phone.

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