Pain Management and Holistic Therapy

When thinking of pain management, what often comes to mind is a bottle of pills. It’s true, advances in pharmaceuticals over recent decades have developed treatments (and occasionally cures) to common ailments, however one of the most commonly treated symptom treated with drugs is pain. Clearly there’s a need for this type of treatment, but is it enough on it’s own, and is it always the only answer?

Masking Symptoms

While medicinal pain killers, both over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription are effective at treating pain, more often than not they are masking the pain by quieting pain receptors or reducing inflammation (or both), but may not be as helpful in treating the symptoms long term, or quite simply, not enough to bring enough relief to make normal life activities possible.

Risks of Pain Killers

You’ve likely already identified the risk of pain killer addiction, but it’s important to also note the side effects or stress placed on internal organs through regularly ingesting pain killers, especially in larger doses. Even OTC pain killers such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen are strong enough to damage key organs such as your kidneys and liver.

Augmentation or Alternatives to Pain Killers

If your doctor prescribes a pain killer it’s probably for good reason, and it’s also important to recognize that the physician will likely only prescribe enough to make the pain tolerable or get you through the most difficult part of recovery short-term. Chronic pain and slow recovery may be well-served through non-invasive treatment in addition to, or in certain cases—and under doctor supervision—in replace of traditional pharmaceutical treatment.

Some helpful non-invasive treatments may include cold and heat application, specific exercises, physical therapy and occupational therapy, medical and therapeutic massage, mind-body, biofeedback, guided imagery, and outside stimulants such as music therapy and aromatherapy.  As a leading transitional and rehabilitation center in Wauconda, IL, we provide an array of holistic therapy treatments to improve pain management and promote healing, and provide for the well-being of our patients’ physical and emotional health.

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