One of the latest trends in senior living is the advancement of technologies that connect residents to their families and caregivers. Many of these technologies are in the form of mobile apps. Many of these apps offer functionality beyond connecting residents with important people in their lives. Below is a list of our favorite senior apps and the functions offered.


  1. Tell My Gio is an android only application, offered for $9.95 per month. This app allows any provider, such as EMT responders, to view medical records of the senior in distress as well as whom to contact in case of emergency. Another function of this app is a GPS locator, which will track the location of the senior in case there is ever confusion while out and about.


  1. Brain Fit is a free application only offered on the iPhone. Designed by a neuroscientist, Brain Fit offers a number of puzzles and other challenges to measure and promote mental acuity.


  1. Pain Care is a free application offered to both iPhone and Android users. Pain Care allows users to electronically log the location and intensity of pain for accurate reporting to a physician.


  1. New LifeStyles is a free application offered to iPhone users. This application is great for people who are researching the best senior living or Alzheimer’s options in their area.


  1. Well Being Plus is a free application for designed to be a mobile scheduling reminder. It has multiple uses for seniors. Used as a daily calendar, Well Being Plus will remind you of upcoming appointments as well as when to take medication.

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